My very sad experiences with Maurice.

A dear elderly gentleman asked for my help with nutrition and supplements as I had previously assisted an elderly lady at the care home who was so thrilled with her improvement she told Maurice about me. 

I provided him with supplements, fresh juices daily and drove him out to the village weekly which was the most wonderful experience for him to dress up in his tweed suit and hat and enjoy the lovely courtesy and interaction with others he was afforded, out and about again after many years absence.  

He tipped his hat, shook hands and chatted amiably to many locals. The outings did him so much good. He had not been taken out of the home for many years as had difficulty walking and no visitors so this was the greatest medicine he could have besides fresh nutrition and the sip of whisky and chat about the days outing afterwards. 

He was very much happier and improving considerably both from special supplements. fresh nutrition and the mental stimulation of the outings. 

I was suddenly prevented from assisting Maurice by a distant relative who turned up and somehow organized I be prevented from helping him despite Maurice's strong objections as he had not been so happy for many years.  

I ended up quite bizarrely due to my empathy, care and efforts to help Maurice, received an AVO otherwise known as an APPREHENDED VIOLENCE ORDER against my dear friend, which to myself,sensitive and caring, a vegetarian, would not hurt a fly,d genuinely helping a lovely human being who needed my assistance, putting myself in his position, it was indeed a horrible way to act towards me the only person helping Maurice.

He managed to contact me pleading for help as he was being transferred from his self contained unit and being moved to a dementia ward even though he did not have dementia, on the contrary a lovely bright and intelligent man who enjoyed conversation.

I contacted the home and advised them it was inappropriate to move Maurice from his unit at his late age where he had been for so many years and was well settled. It would be very unsettling indeed for him and unnecessary.

I was ignored and Maurice ended up in another town and home in a shared room with several dementia patients screaming out all day.

He was so disturbed he wanted to get the police to assist him get back to his unit. No one was interested. As I had received this disgraceful AVO  I was unable to go and visit but I contacted the management and in the strongest terms requested they do the correct thing and move Maurice back.

He was moved into a different room on his own at the new care home but not sent back to his familiar unit

Maurice quickly declined, without my visits and not allowed back to his unit where he had spent so many years was home to him.

I was not supported in anyway with my efforts to help Maurice which was very sad as he passed away living in conditions and an environment which were not supportive to his happiness.

I am proud of the efforts of PM Scott Morrison and his Royal Commission to better regulate care of the elderly although I do not have the confidence of elderley patience getting adequate surgical or medical treatment as the elderly are no longer treated like normal people any more..

My incident showed just one of hundreds of mistreatment of elderly persons throughout Australian care homes which will be gratefully under the microscope from now on.